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Sylvie Brisebois@ 1:46am 05-18-2015, IP:
Bonjour, nous aimerions avoir de l'information concernant, faire de la musique en croisière, je suis saxophoniste et mon conjoint claviériste, plusieurs style de musique en notre possession
J'aurais des questions à vous demander
john mccormick @ 7:50pm 12-20-2014, IP: or or or come back into filetopia RandB Radio chat room
Sandybentertainer@ 1:28am 12-20-2014, IP:
i remember you now John,,, what's you Facebook or hotmail mine is sandy baker or
john mccormick @ 11:25pm 12-19-2014, IP:
in filetopia you wer better known as the flying fifer
john mccormick @ 11:21pm 12-19-2014, IP:
come on sandy you know me from filetopia i an a radio inter net dj for randbradio mavrick210459
Sandybentertainer@ 11:19pm 12-17-2014, IP:
ty John where do I know you from
john mccormick @ 9:35pm 12-17-2014, IP:
Sandyb@ 10:00pm 06-08-2014, IP:
Hello mark but im terrible with names give me a shout via email. put my mind at rest is this mark from the corner bar all those years ago?
Mark Bates@ 7:59pm 06-08-2014, IP:
Hi Sandy

Just stumbled across your website by chance i hope life is treating you well im still living in sunny Malta and alls well .
Tim is here now too moved here about 2 years ago

Best Wishes

Sandy B@ 8:47pm 05-20-2014, IP:
Look fwd to seeing you both again xx
ian king @ 8:07pm 05-20-2014, IP:
hope to see you at new year will let you no when we are coming up it will be great to see you again from.
Mr & Mrs king
and one again thank for a great day in the swan in kennoway
lesley burrell (page@ 10:54am 03-26-2014, IP:
hiya Sandy, just found your site!!! looks like you've done well. always knew you would do ok. going to come and see you since your doing a fife tour. be great to have a catch up,see you soon bud.x
sandy b@ 3:05pm 12-20-2013, IP:
ive sent you a PM on Facebook mate
Davie Adams @ 1:35pm 12-20-2013, IP:
Hi sandy im at the empire bar any chance you could give me some prices for your gigs
patricia bambrick@ 4:47pm 10-24-2013, IP:
Hi Sandy, just wana say a big thanks for making our week in Canpicafort so good. We loved our nights in trotters, you are a brilliant host and entertainer and you can sing anything. You made us feel right at home. Hope to see you again sometime. Trish + Phil x

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